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6 Nov 2021, Kristine Forsyth

"Pacifico has to be my favorite place to go. The jazz band is amazing, the atmosphere is out of this world, the service is 2nd to none, even the food is great! "

6 Nov 2021, Cody J

"Had a great time out with friends, music was great and my server was excellent!"

23 Oct 2021, Duncan MacIntosh

"I keep having to find new ways to rave about this place. A night at the Pacifico with the G-Street band is the best fun a human being can have in Halifax. It is both primal and sophisticated, and therefore will appeal to every kind of person, on every kind of evening. Just the best."

22 Oct 2021, Bernie Lee

"Great time with family guests from out of province. Had a blast!"

17 Oct 2021, Sheila Wildeman

"Loved the band!"

17 Oct 2021, Stephen F Penny

"The best venue in Halifax with the best music!"

16 Oct 2021, Sidney White

"We certainly had a wonderful night. The G Street band is fantastic! Mike and Liz are fabulous. Mike the bartender was very friendly and helpful with service. We will be back soon. Thank you all. "

14 Oct 2021, Douglas Hamilton

"As mentioned before, I'm from Toronto & this place would be a glittery gem there! LOVE Pacifico!"

8 Oct 2021, Duncan MacIntosh (and Lisa)

"An astoundingly well-tuned system of food, service, atmosphere and entertainment. I feel like I'm in a Golden Age with this place. 20 years ago when George Clooney was in the tv show, ER, created by Michael Chrichton (Jurassic Park), when Chrichton realized it was a perfect, monster hit, he said "don't anyone leave the show." That's how I feel: don't anyone leave the show; keep the system in place. I'm actually pleased to see that a cover charge has been established. Everyone deserves it, and it gives me confidence that what you've got going there will prove financially stable. And I love that there's enough regulars that you can predictably have synergy with other people dancing and digging the tunes and the place. It almost feels like the patrons are part of the collective performance. Can't wait till next time!"

8 Oct 2021, Tracy Rands

"Hi George and Labi. Steve and I had a great time at the Pacifico on Friday. We always do, as you know, but we both felt it was a little extra special this time. Wonderful atmosphere as usual and friendly service but we found the bar staff to be particularly attentive and professional. Cameron always is, and I believe there was a new bartender on as well and she was really great. G-Street Band put on an exceptional show and it was lovely to see them do a couple of new numbers. I paid my compliments to Liz! Anyway, thanks for the great evening and see you again in a week or so. Tracy and Steve"

9 Oct 2021, Judy Migel

"Fabulous club, we loved it. Beautiful building, fun atmosphere. Loved the decor and gstreet band were amazing! Our server was efficient, friendly and we appreciate her for looking after us. Highly recommend this place and will definitely be back."

2 Oct 2021, Emily Richards (Neptune)

"We had a great time. Thank you!! "

3 Oct 2021, Lana Corkum

"It was wonderful to have an evening with a great Jazz Band and a big dance floor. Love this old bank, it is beautiful and has great atmosphere. "

30 Sep 2021, Liyah Coles

"Had a great time ! Thank you "

26 Sep 2021, Dianne Ferguson

"The music is outstanding."

25 Sep 2021, Fred Armitage

"The band has to be turned down about 10%. It’s too loud and I enjoy concerts. "

25 Sep 2021, Denyse Macdonald

"Excellent time. A must to visit"

25 Sep 2021, Gil

"Great staff and service. Awesome live music and atmosphere "

23 Sep 2021, Martina Burnie

"Male bouncer was great. Funny and pleasant. Our waiter Steven was fantastic. It was his first night and he made our night so fun"

24 Sep 2021, Enna Marks-Grant

"Cocktails weren’t the best but it didn’t matter because of the atmosphere and the dancing"

23 Sep 2021, Trina Parsons

"Biggest suggestion is to dim the lights more like other establishments do. Did not eat, but no option on your survey to choose not applicable. Great service at the bar."

19 Sep 2021, Gilles Vienneau

"Amazing venue, extraordinary jazz … think I found my new go to place "

17 Sep 2021, Allie McQuade

"Staff were nice, they spent a lot of time just hanging out at the bar, so it was hard to get service and we would have liked to order. "

17 Sep 2021, Erin Sephton

"Our server (can't remember her name - it was her third shift!) Was fantastic. She was a wonderful server and very sweet! We knew the music was great prior to booking the table, but the steak sandwich and the chicken shawarma were out of this world! Kettle chips were good, but since when was the salad the winner? The salad was so tasty!!! Great job everyone! We had a truly wonderful night and will definitely be back again! Erin"

16 Sep 2021, Barbara Lugg

"The Mellotones were absolutely amazing. Such a great start to our vacation! :) "

12 Sep 2021, Kim Wilson

"That wasn’t my first time their but it’s always good to come back to a real pleasant clean building with friendly people to serve you when needed"

10 Sep 2021, Antonia Mugisa

"We had such a beautiful time! Will definitely be back! "

5 Sep 2021, Michelle Goueffic

"gorgeous venue - just what Halifax needs"

3 Sep 2021, Duncan MacIntosh (Duncan and Lisa)

"I've written before and don't want to repeat myself, but the quality of service is unmatched -- I don't know how the staff keep track so well and are so responsive. Meanwhile, the G-Street band just gets better and better, and their set-list is superb at creating varied emotional beats while accumulating to an extremely musically satisfying peak by the end of the night. This band will teach you how to have fun. And it's a kind of fun that is unique in my experience of going to clubs. One feels improved by the music, and the vibe feels completely untainted by the usual things that happen at clubs -- it feels both safe and sexy, exuberant and refined, it speaks to all ages, it makes dance possible, but it also rewards close auditory attention. This club, and this show, somehow conspire to bring out the best in people."

4 Sep 2021, Ken R MacKay

"Great venue for food, music and friends!"

3 Sep 2021, Andria Schoenert

"Thank you for making our anniversary so special. Top to bottom from the moment we walked in everything was exceptional! "

3 Sep 2021, Bernie Lee

"Incredible evening tonight. Reserved table for 10pm due to guests flying and their plane was late. After they landed we drove straight to the club and got there at 10:40pm and you were still holding our table - so thank-you! My guests had a great evening at the club. Impressed by the entertainment, ambiance of the facility, and the energy in the room. We all had an amazing evening … thank you Labi, your staff, and of course Mike Cowie and his band. Mike came over to our table during his break, and had a great chat with my guests. Can’t thank Mike enough for his kindness! Cheers Bernie."

2 Sep 2021, Jim Conte

"Beautiful venue. Fab entertainment. Great night. "

2 Sep 2021, Tony Harnish

"Great music, awesome atmosphere, great staff..A++++"

28 Aug 2021, Natasha Hull

"The G Street Band was awesome :) "

28 Aug 2021, Connie Oulton

"Thanks George, although the seniors in the crowd, we thoroughly enjoyed our evening. See you in couple of weeks."

26 Aug 2021, Colleen M

"I am obsessed with this venue and what you’ve done with the space! Fantastic experience every time. My only comment is that I gave up drinking alcohol this past year and was wondering if you could possibly offer a non-alcoholic beer beverage. “Partake” (pale, blonde or IPA preferred) is a great Canadian craft 0% beer available at all grocery stores for around $8 for 4 cans. I’d happily pay regular craft beer prices for these. Much appreciated! Thank you! "

22 Aug 2021, Dianne Ferguson

"The music was fabulous! A blast from the past."

20 Aug 2021, Phil Laporte

"We were in from out of town and Pacifico had been recommended by a local we met. The G Street Band was playing the night we were there and were truly entertaining and enjoyable. The atmosphere was lively and cool, feeling upscale, but the prices seemed very reasonable. Our server was fantastic, very friendly and attentive making us feel like it wasn't our first time in. All in all it was a wonderful night out."

21 Aug 2021, John Ebata

"Great music and band"

19 Aug 2021, Wayne Clegg

"Love this place!"

19 Aug 2021, Jeannette

"Great service, great food, great music"

14 Aug 2021, Suzanne

"Loved every second thank you ! "

8 Aug 2021, Lynda Robertson

"Band was excellent👍"

6 Aug 2021, Sarah Kennedy

"We had a great time enjoyed the food drinks and the band :) "

6 Aug 2021, David Alkalay

"The place is great, the music fantastic, the food and drinks were adequate at best. Great place, I’d you go for dinner first. They have a great potential to offer incredible drinks and good food and the place would be unbeatable"

5 Aug 2021, David Macleod

"Great music venue. We will definitely be back. "

1 Aug 2021, Laurie McNeill

"Listening to these talented musicians made for a great night. I was impressed to see Covid public health measures were strictly followed. Requesting proof of double vaccination (vaccine passports) at the door would make our experience even safer and more enjoyable "

1 Aug 2021, Leander Mendoza

"I and all my friends absolutely enjoyed our evening with Canary and the Lovecats performing on stage. We danced, sang along, and had a really fun night. The tall, good-looking server guy was also great and very accommodating what with my friends' requests to take pictures of our group lol. Will definitely go again and tell more people about it! "

29 Jul 2021, Julie Fraser

"From the moment we entered the door the customer focused staff were amazing!!! It’s like Pacifico was always meant to be in this historic building!! We are already planning our next visit!!"

25 Jul 2021, Hardy Schlegel

"Great Evening... thanks very much!"

24 Jul 2021, Firas Zaytoun

"I can't recall our waitress name, but she was amazing! Very helpful and friendly. Big thanks for her. "

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